intermodal-container-train-at-sunsetWelcome to the Big Blue Intermodal Blog Page! If you are looking for one or multiple durable, weatherproof storage container(s) and you’re located in the Mid-West States (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota), you have come to the right place! Big Blue Intermodal sells, rents, transports, and stores quality intermodal shipping/storage boxes across the Midwest, with a special focus on the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. Here we are excited to keep our readers informed on our industry, our specific services and any updates that may prove beneficial to the public.

We have a rugged selection of intermodal containers perfect for storage or transporting freight by truck, rail, or ship.

Portable Cargo/Shipping Containers for Storage in the Midwest

Cargo Shipping Container Sizes we Offer the Midwest:

  • 10′ x 8′ x 8′ – This 10-foot storage container is easily moved when needed and can provide a weather-tight storage solution for a small amount of personal items, such as house or office furnishings or a product shipment.
  • 20′ x 8′ x 8′ – This 20-foot storage container is perfect if you are looking for a bit more storage and/or a bit more space. We can add shelves for organization and access to all your items while in the storage box.
  • 40′ x 8′ x 8′ – Our 40-foot Storage/Shipping container rentals are heavy duty, have the ability to be locked secure and are a fantastic solution if you need to store and/or ship a fair amount.

Wind and Waterproof Storage Containers for Rent

There would be no reason to rent a storage/cargo unit if the natural elements seeped their way into the storage container and pose potential harm on everything you have invested on keeping safe. This is why each and every one of our Storage Containers is tested for weather resistance prior to delivery. We set our focus on satisfying our customers and making the need for storage and shipping a much easier process.

Our Shipping/Cargo Storage Containers are a great fit for:

  • Homeowners – Buying your first home? Or moving from your starter home to your dream abode? We can bring the storage unit to your current residents, you fill it up and we will drop your selected storage container at your new property. Because our storage containers are wind and water tight, you won’t have to worry about Mother Nature dampening your new start.
  • Contractors – On site and need to find some area to store your tools, equipment and other construction storage needs? Just call us up and we will deliver the storage container you request. Once your job is finished, we will come pick it back up. Construction site storage has never been easier with the help of Midwest Storage Containers.
  • Renters – Sometimes 30 day notices come at the worst of times. If you need an intermediate place to securely store your belongings while in transition, we can help you find the perfect storage solution. Or maybe you’re outgrowing your space and need to find a quick, affordable and secure solution to store your growing collection – we can help you take that load off.
  • Businesses – Is your business growing, expanding or moving? If so, we can help solve your storage needs during this time of transition. Or maybe you’re going through a remodel? Don’t risk the condition of your items! Our storage containers are secure, weatherproof and transportable – perfect for a multitude of business storage needs.

Rugged & Weatherproof Storage Solutions for the Midwest

Contact Midwest Storage Containers for all your high quality storage and shipping solutions around the Midwest. We will help match you with the most cost-effective storage solution for your specific needs and provide you with prompt and courteous service. Contact Midwest Storage Containers at (612) 920-3540 for a free estimate on your storage needs today.